Spring Divesting & Hacking Capitalism Events in NYC

Frustrated by how banks are using your money?

Want to learn more about how to go put your money where it matters — with small banks that do good? Get excited, get your questions answered, and LETS DO THIS!! These events are free and open to the public.

Hacking Capitalism: Divest & Divert Online Course & Resources

Can’t make it to an event in NYC? I got you, check  out this FREE online mini-course on Divesting here — includes a whole how-to PDF & a video explaining everything.

Saturday April 15, Brooklyn Heights Public Library, 2-4pm.

Join neighbors and community in downtown Brooklyn to learn exactly how to manage your money as ethically as possible. FREE thanks to the Library.

Saturday April 8, Action Item Fair, 12:30pm.

Taking activism offline and into daily life is the goal of these events, and they are a day chock full of amazing organizations sharing their work and ways you can plug in — come out for the whole day!

Saturday March 18, 3-4:30pm

Part of the Divestment Day activities in NYC, hosted by B.A.N.K.E.R.S.: Bank Action Network to Kickstart Economic Resistance. RSVP here for the lower Manhattan address.

Want more?

Read up on Divestment Strategies, or read my story about choosing to pick a bank I don’t hate.

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