Work with me

I craft practical workshops, transformational coaching, and consult on money and finances from an intersectional and progressive perspective.

You’ll benefit from my broad experience focused on how people can do money better: I’ve worked with cities, startups, nonprofits, co-ops and collectives and have expertise ranging from banking to blockchain to budgets.

I’ve taught thousands of folks, coached over 500 individuals and couples, and spoken at places including Yale, NYU, the New School, the Allied Media Conference, and many community organizations and small businesses.

” I am so excited about having taken this step, and I’m noticing how much more aware and attentive I am to money, all in a way that aligns with my values.


Business strategic coaching [learn more] – as a coach I use an asset-based, design thinking approach to create a framework within which my clients understand and plan around financial systems, and transform their relationship to money. 1:1 Coaching is available for small business owners and those growing freelance or solo practices, coops, collectives, polycules, chosen families.

Personal finance group events & workshops [learn more] – I offer seasonal live/remote events, classes, and small-group coaching cohorts. If you want to work on your personal finances live, this is where to go!

E-Courses and Guides [learn more] – I’ve made you practical and affordable on-demand trainings on financial literacy and “how these money systems work” — on topics ranging from buying homes to socially responsible investing, to small-business startup skills, to partners money plans and budgeting.

“It’s been so difficult to find someone who speaks the language of finance and holds the values we have here. We’re thrilled to bring you in.”

Annenberg Lab, USC


Organizational consulting [learn more] – I partner with leaders to co-design financial programs for staff and cohorts, and facilitate participatory transparency sessions. Contact me to discuss working together, or book a 20 minute exploratory chat here.

Custom workshops & Trainings [learn more] – as an educator, I use participatory pedagogical approaches and theatre techniques to design relevant, engaging, and actionable learning experiences. Workshops and speaking engagements are available for businesses, schools, and community events.

You may wish to learn more about me, or explore this blog or course offerings, or see what others have to say.