Surviving Capitalism webinar

How to Get Control of Your Finances,  and Heal Your Relationship to Money

Surviving Capitalism is a 1.5 hour online course that uses intersectional feminist approaches to teach you practical money skills for financial futuring.

This course is offered in partnership with Everyday Feminism’s School for Social Justice!

This course is live! You’ll get instant access to the video, handout and exercises as soon as you sign up. Here’s where you can register, for only $39.

If you healed your relationship to money, how much more energy would you have for your self and your communities?

Build up your economic resilience and get money skills you can actually use—without having to spend hours slogging through inaccessible books, outdated ideas, or marginalizing assumptions. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

    • How and why to face your money and get control of your finances
    • How to be more intentional and act as a steward of money for yourself and your communities
    • Three crucial things freelancers need to know about taxes
    • How to heal and approach money from a place of choice and power

You can get your money right and center your values.

Especially in capitalist systems, where money is tied to our ability to provide necessities and fulfill desires for ourselves and others, dealing with finances can feel really loaded and tough at times!

However – it does not have to be draining to get your money right. How you approach money is key, and frankly changing your approach to money can remove stress and give you back your energy for what really matters to you.

From skills I learned over years of being a working class artist, business owner, and financial educator I can teach you how to make finances something you’re excited to be awesome at, even though capitalism is far from awesome.

In the Financial Futures course, you’ll receive guidance based in both real life and research, presented from an intersectional feminist perspective. No judgement, no shaming!

In it, we connect your values to your existing brilliance and goals to help you understand your next money steps with confidence and clarity.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll have:

  • A simple four-number plan to steward your income with intentionality
  • A doable method to break down complex money problems down into tasks you can work on
  • Credit-improving tips anyone can use
  • A clearer relationship with money that’s based in your values
  • Worksheets, resources, and a guidebook to help you get started!

We all use money—why not learn how to use it in alignment with your goals and values?

Build your money skills – and start to heal from capitalism!  Sign up and start thriving as you’re Surviving Capitalism here!

Who is this course for?

This webinar is designed for people of all class backgrounds who are driven by social justice values and have a desire to heal themselves and the world.

Freelancers, salaried employees, students, and those living on unearned income will all find resources within this no-judgment, tool-filled webinar.