Fearless Freelance! Small Business Money Skills Online Course

Your small business or freelance work is an important part of your budget, right?
… so let’s give the money the same care you give the work you do to get it!

If you’ve ever wondered about or slogged through any of these:

  • I’m making money in my business, I think. Wait – how much money AM I making?!?
  • What the hell am I supposed to be doing about taxes and why am I not doing it?
  • *Gazing at multiple bank emails* It’s cool, I’ll just…open another tab and get out my ol broken spreadsheet and hope for the best…
  • Am I supposed to be doing something, uh, official about this?
  • Real talk: can this help me retire?
  • What the crap is a write-off and why do I care about receipts?
  • Am I a pass through and can I get deductions under in the new 2018 tax law?

Listen up: you’re about to solve this…In less time than you might think!

Fearless Freelance is a succinct online course for anyone who makes money that doesn’t come in neatly on a W2.

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Gig economy workers, consultants, coaches, nannies, dogwalkers, therapists, tattoo artists, bartenders, artists, healers, small biz owners, Etsy sellers …  you know who you are and how your money is flying around.

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You’ll learn:

  • Four steps to legitimize your business
  • About receipts, tax write-offs, and the illustrious schedule-C.
  • Tools and practices for income tracking – including how to understand how much to plan for taxes, and how much you can pay yourself.
  • Setting up your business: EIN, bank account, & smart business structure
  • An explanation of how to manage money tracking for “pass-throughs”, including self-employed sole proprietors, partnerships & LLCs.
  • For those times when your business-plan-to-pay-taxes game doesn’t feel as fresh as you are? Yeeeah. We’ll lay out three clear ways to plan ahead for taxes – and actually save the money this time!

As a longtime small biz owner, I LOVE this stuff.

I’ve run six (and about to be seven!!) of my own freelance small businesses over the last 18 years. Before that, I worked for small business owners. And before THAT, I was raised by a small business owner who made SURE that I understood EVERYTHING. #boxesofreciepts

And you know what? I love being a small business owner, and no matter what other ways I work, I will always run a side gig. (Like this one). It’s in my blood, and the money part is easy for me.

So, let me help you make it easy for you — so you can spend as much time as possible DOING your biz.

Grab my skills, avoid my hard-learned mistakes, and get your business set up!

When you register for the Fearless Freelance course, you’ll get:

  • A two-hour lecture taking you from start to finish on understanding your money when you work for yourself.
  • the 21-page handout for class + a 30-page slide deck
  • A maximalist money-tracking spreadsheet for tax and “salary” creation, multi-job income tracking, and forecasting
  • BONUS 30-minute video + 24 page handout on managing, planning for, and understanding your uneven or irregular income
  • BONUS pro-level income calculator to normalize your “salary”
  • A month of weekly follow-up emails with motivation and guidelines to get – and keep – you moving forward!

Friends, please get out your pencils for:

This comprehensive intro to Freelancer Finances and Small Business Money Skills course is live and online on-demand for you!

You don’t have to wonder any longer. No need to wait for a workshop. You don’t have to wait on an appointment. You can start today.

And as we know, getting these things clean, tidy, and efficient isn’t going to do itself. That’s why this course gives you LOTS of support, explanation in regular language, and templates to get you going.

Your investment to get 2.5 hours of crucial info + another 1.5 hours of bonus content: ONLY $189. Get started TODAY here!

The value:

  • If you were to work with me personally to get this level of detail and length of training, it would cost you at least $500+ — if I could even talk at you that long (hint: unlikely).
  • Zero more therapy sessions worrying about your biz finances
  • Never again waking up in a cold sweat thinking about the IRS
  • Another client who learned Schedule C business write-offs with me to got a $3,107 tax refund. You can NOT afford not to know this stuff, people!!
  • BONUS – pricing module: A client learned to price with an “anchor” — an increased her weekly revenue by $250 in weeks! This stuff PAYS FOR ITSELF if you merely implement a few changes 🙂 

This course focuses on self-employed solo LLC and sole proprietors (freelancers and small business owners) and applies equally well to Registered Partnerships & LLCs. (Corporations, you need an accountant & a lawyer, period, to advise you)

But, for most folks who ….

  • Are thinking of starting a freelance gig, side hustle, or small biz
  • Run solo businesses,
  • Or work multiple jobs, some of which are self-run
  • Are artists/freelancers,
  • Have a side hustle [or three],
  • Get paid in cash or checks that don’t have taxes taken out
  • Want to understand how to untangle your business and personal money

This Fearless Freelance course is ideal to understand your steps to take!

You will learn to handle the following with grace and – hey – maybe even a satisfied smile:

  • To learn to set your rates and your income expectations in line with your goals and needs
  • To understand how to plan ahead for taxes and costs for this year – and next year
  • To make sure you’ve taken the right first steps in your freelance business
  • To SAVE yourself money by learning about expenses and tax write-offs and how business owners “work” taxes
  • To prepare for your first visit to an accountant
  • If you’re wondering why you’re not bringing in enough money, you’ll learn to plan for and go for the money you want to make!

Fearless freelancers – learn to flex your hustle muscle and make money!Get this course and get started TODAY.