Small Business + Big Life workshop

This is the deep-dive, walk-me-through-it workshop that people with small businesses have been asking for. Over eight weeks, we will meet weekly to workshop + work on your finances, following a specific roadmap:

  • envision + imagine personal financial goals and needs
  • business revenue – what comes in, finding it and forecasting it
  • business model – what you do to earn it [and how to change this]
  • business expenses – retirement, reserves, receipts, paying for your time off
  • business systems – type of business, accounts, retirement, payroll, accounting…
  • personal goals – set them, map them, imagine how achieve them
  • personal systems – automatic transfers, accounts,
  • all the vision rolled into one big plan

SIGN UP HERE: Oct 3 – Nov 21, 2023, 90 minutes Tuesdays* at 5p ET / 2p PT, $975
(except halloween – that week, we meet Monday Oct 30)


The goals of this workshop are for you to:

  • Get your business and personal finances working together for your future
  • Finally understand where your money comes from, lives, and goes out to. 
  • Deep dive into what you want your money to do for you and how to make that happen.
  • Come out with a strategic financial roadmap for you and your money!

WORKSHOP? When I say workshop, I mean you’ll learn AND practice. Take in information and try it out. I teach participatory sessions – come ready to dive in and leave with exercises to try over the week.

This workshop is for:

  • If you work for yourself and are making money but it feels confusing or messy, especially how the business fits into your personal finances... this is for YOU!
  • People who work for themselves and are making at least $45k+
  • People with income from multiple sources
  • People who aren’t quite sure where the money is coming from or where it all goes

If you want to:

  • Get your business to a place that you are confident is supportive financially for you
  • Have an easier time preparing to do taxes each year
  • Understand your pathway to saving money and making better choices with spending

This workshop will guide you to: 

  • Map your business and personal income sources
  • A tactical vision based in values and goals for how you’ll spend your money
  • A plan and system for how to save for taxes and business expenses
  • A long-term strategic plan for your money
  • Your own informed choices about creating accounts for retirement and non-retirement investing

The format:

  • Two 90-minute workshops, to kickoff and wrap by making a meaningful strategic plan
  • Six 60-minute workshop/teaching sessions every Tuesday for 8 weeks
  • Six 30-minute open coaching sessions [right before the workshop]
  • 2x weekly emailed exercises
  • A digital workbook

When: Oct 3 – Nov 21, 2023, 2023 – 90 minutes, Tuesdays at 5p ET / 2p PT

The cost: $975 regular price  / $1100 after Sept 25