Design a Better Small Business workshop

Next session: Weds June 12, 2024 at 3p ET / 12p PT $125, RSVP here

Too many small business owners don’t have insight into exactly how they make money.

“It comes in, I spend it!”
“My clients have been the same forever, I don’t really think about it.”
“I have contracts and they seem to do me fine.”
“I just want to make my art and it’ll sell!”

These ^ approaches can be fine, until it’s time to make a change. When you want to

–> make more money

–> if you’re not happy with how you make money and want to change directions

–> if you want to be more intentional on the impact you make with your money

–> if you want to try a new thing [a product, a service, an offering] but aren’t sure how it’ll fit in

Then, it’s time to design your business – specifically, it’s time to understand and get intentional about your business model and revenue model

To do this:

  1. Analyze what you do in your business – what do you sell, to who? what does it take?
  2. Identify value from their perspective – why do they buy from you?
  3. Sketch out what a new offering might do, for customer and for you
  4. Rapidly test your offer in the context of time and money
  5. Decide how you’ll experiment with it!

If you want support doing taking these steps, then check out this workshop!


In this small business workshop, you’ll examine revenue, clarify an idea, and refresh the things you do in your business, so it works better for you – and for your customers / clients!

You’ll learn by doing how to
– create meaningful experiments to refresh your business model using proven design tactics,
– revise and quickly test your new business model,
– how to connect these changes to things that matter to you and your customers/clients
– Leave with a plan to implement in weeks, not years

These are methods I teach frequently, in 1:1 coaching and in innovation workshops with startups and teams – get the best from design thinking and apply it to your work <3

Sign up for the live, remote, three-hour workshop here – $125