Budgeting. (I know, I know…) [all resources]

You can get my Budgeting Toolkit free online here.

This post lists popular budgeting apps.


Small Business Work, Jobs & Freelancing [all resources]

Credit [all resources]

See this post on credit cards and your credit report, or this post on managing old debt on your credit report. You can do this!

Debt & Loans [all resources]

The Debt Resistors Manual, out of the Occupy Wall Street folks, has great resources on managing old debts and frameworks for thought. While I do advocate paying student loans, under the mantle of Less Stress Is Better For You, I get their points.

These online calculators are really helpful:


Investing [all resources]




Math math math! Even if you’re a spreadsheet nerd [like me] valuing interest over time is hecka complicated. Let computers go ahead and be good at it by using an online calculator!

This list from Alliance Bank has basically every calculator you might need:

Financial Advisors

Look, once you get to a certain level (like at least over $50k in the bank – and definitely think about it if you have over $250,000), then start thinking about paying a financial advisor a small percentage on an ongoing basis to handle this stuff. If you’re there, check out:


Stash Wealth, Priya Malani’s teams of CFPs are all about supporting millennials who are on their way to building freakin’ wealth.

Leon Wu, Financial Representative: “My purpose is educate and guide individuals and organizations to make smart financial decisions based on their self-defined goals and needs, especially for women, LGBTQ individuals and small businesses.” Northwestern Mutual, Los Angeles. Email: leon[dot]wu[at]

SRI Advisor Groups

If you’re someone with $250,000+ then its time to consider (though not necessarily rush) to a professional financial advisor who can invest money on your behalf, and if you also want those investments to be working for social good, you’ll want to check out these folks:

Looking for other support? Check out…

I sometimes get the opportunity to promote other people whose work supports self-determination and empowerment, here’s a few folks I adore:

Personal Coaching: Bridget Sweetin is a force of organization, marketing, and positivity. And a certified coach, check her out.

Employment Coaching:  Trying to pivot careers? Sloan is a life coach with specialties in resume preparation, interview practice, and workplace cultures. “I help individuals get out of their own way and support organizations with taking on their most difficult challenges. I am committed to the development of people and workplace teams in service of larger social transformation.” LOVE. Contact Sloan here.




Books for Self-Study


The National Endowment for Financial Education has dozens of handouts and worksheets to help you organize your finances. While they do, like many, focus on salaried employees, there’s lots of sound advice.

Cost Management Tools

Nerd Wallet has price comparisons on all kinds of things, from savings accounts to root canals.