Money Like You Mean To

Group coaching offered monthly — sign up for an upcoming cohort here.

  • Next small business & freelancer workshops — Sept 11-18
  • Next personal finance workshop — July 10-17 _or_ Oct 9-16

It’s time to move on your dreams, and make money support your goals. 

Get over any fear and inertia and focus on your financial self-care for one week in the Money Like you Mean To workshop! You’ll get:

  • To identify, prioritize, and focus on your financial goals
  • A kickoff workshop + 3x group coaching for one week + an alignment and wrap-up session
  • A toolkit to guide you and keep you motivated and confident after the workshop ends
  • Progressive, intersectional, values-first approaches — and new friends 🙂

“… this has been a huge help so far.

“I’m feeling confident and ready to roll out these new systems.”

“I really appreciate the course I took with you and it helped me demystify a lot of money concepts.” 

– workshop participant feedback

Money Like you Mean To is designed to be a genuine kickstart to make moves with your personal money and financial dreams.

The workshop kicks off with a 90-minute goal-setting and reality-adjusting session and then continues with three days (M,W,F) of optional 45-minute check-ins and guidance, daily email prompts, and concludes with a 60 minute wrap up and next steps session the following Sunday.

This group work is for you, if you’re:

  • Working and earning enough that you’ve got more than “bare minimum” – and need to figure out how to use what you’ve got!
  • Have savings or a nest egg you want to use for your goals – but you need to know which goals and how much to prioritize to each!
  • Deciding how much to save or put towards a few things you have in mind
  • Need to get questions answered and get inspired by and learn with others
  • Looking to make meaningful moves and take action!

This group work is not best for you, if:

  • You’re not interested in doing autonomous work
  • You’re struggling to make ends meet – we’re generally going to work on plans for money you have available to decide with, so if all your money is already spent, you won’t get much out of this workshop — HOWEVER if you make money and want to challenge yourself to spend intentionally, this IS for you

Money Like you Mean To workshops focus on EITHER personal finance, or small business finances.

Every other month, the workshop cohort has a different focus: personal finance, freelance and small business, so check that you’re signing up for the right one for YOU! You might just want to sign up for two (and if you have a small business, sign up for a business cohort first!) – or take one as a refresher and motivator after a previous 1:1 session.

This program will run every other month, and is upgrading my 1:1 coaching sliding scale practice for personal finance work. If you want to work with me on your personal money goals, this is how!

Sign up here to get financially focused in Money Like you Mean To.

There are only 8 spots per cohort.

The workshop is $150, with sliding scale available @ $100 for lower-income/historically marginalized folks and $200 for folks with high-paying jobs/inherited wealth/family or partner support.

Upcoming sessions:

FOCUS ON PERSONAL FINANCE: Sunday July 10-17 or Sunday Oct 9-16

  • Kickoff [90 minutes] Sunday 2:30-4p ET / 11:30a-1 PT
  • Open space coaching sessions [30-min] Monday, Friday – Noon or 12:30 ET / 9a PT and Wednesday 7p ET / 4p PT
  • Wrap up [60 minutes] Sunday, 2:30p ET / 11:30a PT


  • Kickoff [90 minutes] Sunday 2:30-4p ET / 11:30a-1p PT
  • Open space coaching sessions [30-minutes] Monday, Friday @ Noon or 12:30 ET / 9a PT, and Wednesday at 7p ET / 4 p PT
  • Wrap up [60 minutes] Sunday 2:30-3:30p ET

“I’ve been slowly checking off all the adjustments we outlined together, It’s been an incredible process: I’m already seeing some awesome returns… I feel really fucking powerful.” – LE 

“I can’t believe how many questions you answered for me and how clear and simple you made things seem. I feel super motivated and excited!” – KF

For individuals who have solo businesses / freelance / are ICs [a lot of service providers, consultants, and creatives]
… who want to improve their understanding of their business revenue models and financials in their businesses [no one says it like that – they say “I want to understand where my money is going and how to make more of it without being so tired] 
…in order to grow their incomes and feel in control of their money, future, and business
For individuals who have begun to make more money or come to realize they want to get ok with making more
… who want to shift perspectives and gain strategic vision; to prepare to have money later from today’s money; who want to stop stressing / dreaming / catastrophizing and start feeling they are taking meaningful action, “From scarcity to abundance” “I want to know I’ll be ok” “Understand what I don’t know” “what do I do now that I’m NOT unstable?!”
… who value quality of life, stable freedom, flexibility 
…in order to feel confident and in control of the money they have in service of bigger goals, “Get clear on goals and how to get there” “Allow myself to have the things I want” “Activate my long term thinking”
MLYMT: Small Biz gives you:

A framework to create a relationship between income needs / desires and revenue [incl taxes, expenses]
Exercises to audit current business model and imagine new ones — understanding how they might change revenue as well as overall experience
Practical systems and reference [accounts, bookkeeping, how biz registration works, what’s my retirement plan options]
MLYMT: Personal Finance gives you:

Grounding in values / why
A framework to define “enough” and understand income as it relates to expenses, and to imagine it growing (scary / important)
Prompts and exercises to define longer term goals, their timelines and costs or contributions, and create a pathway towards them.