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“I never thought that discussing money could be so fun, and I left the class feeling a new sense of hope and possibility.”

“That really was one of the most valuable and empowering 1.5 hours spent for me, ever!”

Get your money handling, hustle-busting, capitalism hacking, spending wrangling, how this sh*t works confidence and financial fearlessness ON!

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Exploring Ethical Investing, digital course – get it now for $45

In this workshop you’ll learn investing concepts and a decision-making framework to demystify and clarify where you might invest, when, and ways to pick what to invest in.

We spotlight ways to increase your positive social impact and avoid environmental harm as well as the limitations of these options.

You get videos, a guide, a curated shortlist of investment options and more knowledge on how to self-guide your work and personal investments towards your values.

Ongoing: Money Like you Mean To – one-week group coaching workshops [sign up here]

Deep-dive, remote, small-group workshop!

Devote two Sundays + do a few exercises over the course of one week to blast you forward on your money journey.

$150 (w/ sliding scale available)

Includes a 90-minute kickoff & 60 minute wrap session plus three open group coaching sessions during the week.

Money Like you Mean To is designed to be a genuine kickstart to make moves with your money and cross off the to-do list on the way to your financial dreams.

The workshop kicks off with a 90-minute goal-setting and reality-adjusting session and then continues with three days of 30-minute check-ins and guidance, two days of email prompts, and a wrap-up full-group 60-minute session. RSVP for the session you want, here!

Online courses:

No need to wait for a live workshop … Online courses are here!

Money Tips to Buy a Home

In this 90-minute remote workshop, you will:

  • Understand the biggest surprise expenses and how to be ready for them
  • Become better prepared (credit, income) to apply for a mortgage
  • Overview the timeline, team, and tasks you’ll need to buy 
  • Estimate your true cost to buy a home

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to know what it really takes, financially, to buy a home
  • You are imagining you will buy in the next 6 months to a year or two
  • You already have savings
  • Are planning on using a mortgage
  • You’re solo, with a non-married partner(s) of any kind, or have any kind of friends / collectives / land project in mind

We don’t cover:

  • How to make your house look ig-worthy (I just can’t help you)
  • House hunting or search tips (get your realtor on that one)
  • Savings or income plans to get a down payment together (important! but another topic)

Access the pre-recorded + exercises version of this workshop here now, for $39.

AND!  If you want a learning warm up – read this MEGA post on buying.


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