If you’re saving all the money you want to, have your debt under control, and never beat yourself up or stress about money, click away. Otherwise drum roll please...


Clean up your money habits.


Clear out your stress.

If you’re grossed out by corporate finance advice and want some real-talk ways to:


  • Learn real life ways to make your cash flow make sense

  • Finally take action towards your goals - and know what they are

  • Save your hard-earned money for what matters to you

  • ... Then you need to sign up!


In this seven-module course you will learn to:

  • Unf*&k your budgeting

  • Get ahead (and stop paying big banks interest!)

  • Stop feeling guilty, stressed or confused


No matter your income level, this framework helps folks who work p/t, or get cash, or freelance, or who make $100k, and you who LOLZ when you read “income level.”


Clean Up and Clear Out: a One Week Money Cleanse eCourse

There’s a belief we’re supposed to be “good at money” without talking about it -- and we all know how well silence works out ... you CAN get it under control, but you have to start somewhere.

This one-week course delivers readable, little steps via emailed instruction every day for a week. Simple, smart, and achievable, it introduces a step-by-step framework that has helped hundreds of people just like you.


What’s in the course? Day-by-day play:

  • Tips to acknowledge your money feelings, de-stress, and reality-check.

  • How to think about budgeting differently and select one tool to help you track expenses

  • Get your crucial four budget numbers - understanding your money gets WAY easier when you make your spending plan backwards, using these!

  • Have Debt? Make a plan to deal with each debt, in order of urgency.

  • Have Extra? The basics of Investing

  • Name your goals! Put your goals where they will stick

  • Tools to support you going forward + some bonus downloads!

What does this course do?


Like any short health checkup, it makes you aware of where you can make tiny changes. And tiny changes make BIG differences:


  • If you institute one $10 change a month, you could have $120 in a year -- a really fun night out.
  • If you institute one $10 change a week, you could get over $500 in a year -- a weekend away.
  • If you institute one $10 change a day, you could have over $3,600 in a year!! -- a month off of travelling or a solid savings base!
Making the changes is up to you -- but if you're like four out of five people who work with Ride Free, you'll make more than one positive change in the first month.
Get started today -- sign up for FREE here:

I just gotta say: giving your $$ some love works. I saved 10% of my income while living an artists' life (on a nonprofit salary) in NYC and paying student loans, even when I was working part time. How?

Focus and motivation, friends. I knew what I had to work with, and what I wanted to accomplish. But wait, we should meet so you know what I was so motivated about...


About your fearless teacher!

Hi, I'm HADASSAH DAMIEN: a progressive finance teacher, artist, technologist, and iconoclast.


Money struggles? I have been there. I was raised working-class in upstate NY by a single mom, so let's just say I started near the bottom. At one point, my credit was under 500 and my student loans were in default. Luckily I applied the limited resources I then had to fixing this and guess what -- it worked. I realised that, in this wacked system, the part of my money problems that I could address was: me. My habits, my outlook, my spend.

After I cleaned up my finances, I managed my money so that I could travel the US and Canada as an artist, and have run various side hustles and small businesses for 12 years. I’ve participated in cooperative, freelance, sharing economy, DIY and investment business ventures.

I really like riding anything on two wheels, and so when I founded Ride Free Fearless Money in 2015, I named this teaching project dedicated to making stable financial lives for other progressives and creatives after what I learned riding motorcycles...get prepared, and then go do your thing!

 Want to join me in getting your money cleaned up? Start this free, short Money Cleanse e-course today!
Clean up your money habits.
Clear out your stress.
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