Talks & Workshops

20141118_181555“We are truly grateful for the expertise that you outlined, clearly and enthusiastically.  You gave the attendees the sense that they could change their attitudes towards spending and their ability to save. This kind of encouragement is invaluable.” – Brooklyn Public Library

“You’ve managed to make a complex subject accessible to all… your contribution is important and priceless.” – Lesbians Who Tech MTL

Do you work with people who are asking for financial skills?

I can help! Download a one-sheet here to learn about booking a workshop today.

I craft personal finance workshop that young people, college students, women, LGBTQ folks, politically engaged people, artists, and future freelancers LOVE.

As seen or upcoming at:

  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Allied Media Conference
  • Camp GroundShift
  • NYU
  • The New School
  • Lesbians Who Tech
  • Action Item Fair
  • … and many private groups, collective projects and more

How? I’m the real deal – a business owner and creativeactivist and artist. My former work for a financial services firm set me up to know how to be financially astute, my work on stages makes me an engaging speaker, and my lifetime of building businesses and practice as a money coach and writer has sealed the content needed to teach your people what they need to know.

My classes are successful because I’m relatable, give real examples, never talk down to anyone, and bring a social-justice and intersectional analysis to the conversation. Feel free to read my bio here. I’m all heart about my work. Giving people tools to identify their goals, make actionable strategies, and put life-changing money management practices in place is what I do.

Is your community ready to handle their money, loans, and credit after graduation?

Students who have taken my classes report the following:

  • Two out of three started investing or long-term planning
  • Two out of three created a manageable budget
  • One out of three started a new savings account,
  • One out of three felt they are getting out of debt

It’s no secret that all of us are facing a financial world that has WAY different challenges than it did even a decade ago. With it come new tools, new concerns for security, and new approaches to inspiring young people to want to stay on top of it all. 2a-Goals-closer I know what it’s like to get out of school and fall flat. I have student loan debt — I defaulted before I made my successful money plan. Now, I run budgets and taxes for arts organizations, have handled business finances for a cooperative C-corp. I explain investing, mortgages, schedule-Cs, collections and managing credit having dealt with all of these. I work freelance and nonprofit jobs and saved a down payment for a house (and a motorcycle). I’ve moved through the world without a net and solved real-life financial problems… and my credit is over 800. (PS: I can tell your students how to do that, too!) It wasn’t easy – but my method isn’t a secret: it is teachable… and classes are already going great. In class I show folks their options and make them achievable.  The effects of this class ripple out, as students report:

  • “Talked to someone else about my finances/money/job/class” – 88.9%
  • “Talked to someone else about their finances/money/job/class” – 55.6%
  • Given someone else financial/money advice – 55.6%

I tell people in my classes: creating your money plan is telling yourself you’re going to have a future. Making a budget isn’t the point: saying yes to yourself is. This is crucial information for young people to have — as soon as possible. If you’d like your students to have resources they’ll use, an engaging live workshop, and motivation and inspiration to get ready to face the realities they’re walking into, I’m currently booking in the NYC & tri-state area.

Your students will get:

  • An engaging, 60-120 minute live presentation & workshop
  • A 30-minute Q&A
  • Handouts & worksheets, which we work on together to start their engines!
  • Digital resources

Past students have said:

“I never thought that discussing money could be so fun, and I left the class feeling a new sense of hope and possibility.” — Y., Singer “Taking this “money management” class is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.” — M., Server & Artist “This class was designed for people like me! Damien shares my values of social justice, and helped me to figure out fair, ethical ways to relate to money.” — D., Consultant

Contact me to speak with your students today.