BEHIND THE BUDGET 1 & 2: $75k/year jobs

I’ve seen over a thousand people’s earnings and spending [!] in my eight-and-a-half years as a money coach, and I’m going to share back with you. No, not anyone’s personal budget, but realistic compilations from people who all work in the same field. I hope these help you understand some of the choices people are making and what it takes to make finances work. 

This time, we’re looking at a tattoo artist and a program manager at a nonprofit, two jobs that – in this instance – pay around $75k a year. (And yes, these jobs can pay more or less than this!)

Tattoo artist 

This person makes it work as a self-employed artist tattooing 3-4 days a week. Their revenue is variable – some months it’s $5k, others it’s $11 if they travel, but it averages to about $8k monthly. Their work has higher costs due to materials and studio rental, but that is tax deductible. They make the fun parts of their budget work because they get additional income in cash tips, so they can account for less discretionary money than others might.

Program manager

THis person makes it work in part because their mortgage is low – they bought their home 10 years ago and that helps a lot. They also have a low healthcare cost due to work and are getting a retirement match from their workplace, which means their $250 is actually $500/month. They’re saving up to have a kid in the next year or two – some of these savings and costs are them going ½ and ½ with their partner.