Sharing Money as Couples, Besties & Roommates

Sharing money with our partners, roommates and friends is a great way to get awesome things together!

(It can also sometimes seem like a hellmouth of navigating class difference, confusing decisions about fairness and equity, and potential missteps. Amirite?)

Yet, making plans together – whether with a romantic or platonic partner, a roommate, a friend – is a GREAT way to see those plans through. It makes it more fun! It makes it easier on all parties! It … makes the paperwork more intense…!?

It … means you need explicit plans and agreements. It means you’ll want a practice of talking about things. It means you need to be real.

To learn tools, get conversation guidelines and have a shared money language, then check out:

1) Read up about:

Sharing life costs and making life plans with friends and lovers can be complex — it can bring up deep feelings and highlight differences.


2) Get a guide to opening the conversation

If you want to say I’m listening to you differently, try saying: hon, let’s acknowledge our class differences and find smart ways to create shared reality around finances. 

But since no one actually says exactly that, I’m creating a guide to couples’ convos. Check back soon!


3) Take an online class on Sharing Money as Couples, Besties, and Roommates!

**Self-guided online course coming Winter 2018**



4) Take a live class on Sharing Money as Couples, Besties, and Roommates!

Learn about how to work together to talk about money compassionately, come up with strategies, and make your life plans more equitable and awesome.

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