Let’s Build it Together: Group Co-Creation


Collective house building permanence? A group of friends who want to start a savings club? Non-traditional family seeking to start laying foundations? Small business crew starting out?

Get your people together and call me — let’s build it together.

You’ll get:

  • One 45-minute intake and planning call to share context and co-design the content
  • A customized, interactive, 2.5 hour co-creation workshop at your home or office
  • Specific resources shared with you before and after the session

Sign up here to book – you’ll schedule your intake and planning call, and we’ll arrange the time and location then.

This session starts at $395 for up to six people, and I ask that no more than two be the core coordinators. If you’d like more people, customized calculators or materials, or are out of the greater NYC area – let’s talk pricing.