Hello! I am currently taking new personal finance coaching clients. Details are below, or sign up here.

If we’ve worked together in coaching in the past, you’re welcome to book a one-off follow-up session (I have time held for you good people!) or a package of 3 follow up sessions.

Alternatively, consider a workshop, a week-long intentional personal finance small group coaching cohort, a two-month business-focused deep-dive, an online course, or this self-guided Financial Resilience Workbook.

Read more about the process and my approach below to determine if what’s a good fit for you.


Are you in a place of financial transition for your small business, as your career and income are growing, or because of a windfall? Ready to have useful financial systems, goals that you’re achieving, and sustainable business plans? We can rock this.

I coach people who are ready to work strategically, over 1-6 month periods, to get you through your stack of financial questions and catch you up to your life changes. You’ll come out the other side moving towards outcomes you care about, with less money worries taking up your valuable brain space. Money – like anything important that touches most aspects of your life – flourishes under regular care.

Working with me, you get the benefit of my experience coaching 500+ people, partners, solo entrepreneurs, and startups. My hard-won knowledge from starting social impact businesses and running queer arts collectives, plus my journey class straddling upwardly enables me to give you new perspectives about how money can serve you and the life and world you want, without jargon or weird wealth-worship approaches. 

“With Hadassah Damien I gained the skills and perspective I needed to stay calm and focused to make smarter financial decisions.  It was as advertised – judgement-free real talk informed by life experience. I can’t think of a better form of self-care than to give your financial life the attention it deserves through Ride Free Fearless Money. I have a plan for what to do with my finances – which means I can dream bigger dreams than I thought possible.”

— S.G., nonprofit lawyer

From coaching, you’ll understand financial how-to’s and your options, define goals that matter to you, create a meaningful and do-able plan based on your values, and be supported in taking action that gets you results. I’m talking about:

  • Revising your business model and cash flow systems to come out with new income streams that flow neatly into accounts for the biz, you, and taxes – and an elevated understanding of it all
  • Creating purpose and future plan for your savings and “extra” earned income, coming out with both a meaningful snapshot of today and a path to your future goals: automations, giving/donation plan, and seeing the road to those long-term savings/investing dreams
  • Taking stock and transforming feelings into action around inheritance, coming out with an understanding of *your* investments, how these things work, who else you need on your team, and ways you can proceed 
  • + coaching packages include a seat in an upcoming Money Like You Mean To group cohort.

“I’ve been slowly checking off all the adjustments we outlined together, It’s been an incredible process: I’m already seeing some awesome returns… I feel really fucking powerful.”


From coaching, you will NOT get:

  • Tax, legal, or investment advice –– I am not a lawyer, an accountant, or an investment adviser! I can help you understand these systems and how to make better decisions within them, and if needed I’ll point you to good people and make sure you know exactly what to ask and look for if you do need any of this guidance for real.
  • A full and proper “financial plan” — pals, most of you don’t need a full Financial Plan. You need your next five steps clarified, so you can move towards “needing a full plan” territory (if that’s right for you). If you do, I’ll point you to a few CFPs I admire – and also, those cost 3-10x in time and money as coaching.

“I can’t believe how many questions you answered for me and how clear and simple you made things seem. I feel super motivated and excited!”

– KF, filmmaker


$550 // Kickstart – two 1:1 Coaching sessions: a 90-minute education and strategy session, and a 60 minute follow-up, good for 6 months from date of purchase

$950 // Transform – four 1:1 Coaching sessions: a 90-minute intake, with three 60 minute follow-ups, good for a year after purchase [Payment plan option]

$375 // Strategize – one 1:1 Coaching session — two-hour education and strategy session). While I highly encourage planning to have 2-4 sessions together so you try, learn, and lock in growth from your strategic plan, I know that some individuals, business duos, and partners seeking financial relationship planning only want to make time for one deep dive full tilt strategy session. This is for you.

>> $210 // Follow-up sessions — after an initial one-off or series, check in on progress and determine your next step options, in a 60 minute session [or get a package of 3 follow up sessions for $585].


Partners’ sessions are for people whose finances are deeply interconnected: romantic partners, platonic life partners, triads, poly families, etc. The full rate for a two-hour intake appointment is $425, and can be booked here.

These sessions are great for people who might want to:

  • understand and name shared values and plan for shared goals,
  • support each other in personal financial goals,
  • define clear plans for ongoing financial interdependence,
  • approach being in a cross-class relationship with intention and care,
  • understand how to share a budget and track money with someone else, or
  • tap in someone to help you untangle a sticky-feeling money problem.


$150 with sliding scale available // Money Like you Mean To small-group cohort-based coaching workshops. Take one week to focus on your next financial step and get motivated to get traction! Topic-based groups offered monthly.

“Thank you so much for the awesome session — I have been flying high and talking about it all day. I honestly feel less afraid (not yet quite riding free fearless money) and I can’t wait to put your tools and suggestions to work. I already started!”

— Emmett F., queer musician & digital storyteller


When and how can we meet?

Private sessions are available via Zoom on Sundays from 11a ET – 6p MT, Mondays from 2pm-9pm MT,  and Tuesdays from 4pm-8pm MT.

You’ll choose the time that works best for you when you book your appointment. You book an appointment directly after selecting and paying for the package size you want, with the booking code you receive, over on my calendar.

You’ll get a link to our video call in a confirmation email you get after you book your session, as well as basic prep work. When you book your first appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out a coaching intake form and given a snapshot worksheet.

From the info you share in intake, you’ll be given optional customized prep work for the appointment.

I recommend booking a first appointment at least a week out so you have time to do any prep work and ruminate on the work beforehand.

What happens at an appointment? What’s the approach?

My practice is informed by design thinking, asset-based and trauma-informed approaches, compassionate communication, and lean entrepreneurship methods.

We will laser focus in on defining your situation, goals, and presenting problems so you can leave with clear next steps.

Sessions consists of strategic financial education and action plan development customized to your situation, goals, and values.

Based on what you stated you want to focus on, I use an agile approach to identify and prioritize the most valuable problems to solve, and we focus in on those. As we go “down the list” of what you want to work on, we’ll spend a little less time on each thing. Expect to leave with a customized resource list and action steps document, and a set up spending, savings, or debt plan. Oh, AND with lots of ideas, excitement, and hopefulness. 

I honor intersectionality, want you to have stability, understand artist, freelancer and DIY priorities, and hold progressive values at the core of my work. If you’re here, I LOVE that you are already thinking ahead, it’s only going to increase your successes!

What happened to the sliding scale?!

Sliding scale is still available! Join a Money Like you Mean To group coaching session – these are GREAT “tune-ups” for anyone who’s worked with me in the past as well as a way to focus, learn, plan, and execute on financial goals for folks who want to make a spending or savings plan, get intentional on spending, or revise their business thinking.

If you loooooove testimonials or want to read some interviews with me, check them out here.

I’m rearing to go! Let me look at what I can book now: