But what about when capitalism collapses?

Ok but what about when capitalism collapses?

I too hope to see major system changes in my lifetime, because this one is not sustainable for people or the planet! (Though I do not look forward to these because it’s going to be really hard on people who can withstand it the least) That said, there’s no way to time out system change just like there’s no way to time if or when a market investment will go up or down. So…

I advocate: cover your bases as best you can, and remember the playing field is bigger than just money.


Yes, put money into traditional retirement accounts. If markets collapse, everyone will be impacted, but if they don’t, you’ll have financial resources for yourself and hopefully to share. You can also opt to put money into other savings, market investments, community or impact investments or bonds. No one is sad if they have a nest egg. If you end up with too much money, share some.


Put money into things – like a home, land, garden, tools, bikes, whatever suits your interests and capacity. I’m not saying go full prepper but having things that sustain you and others is a tangible value, for today and in any future scenarios.

PEOPLE RESOURCESPut time and energy into relationships! There’s a loneliness epidemic and it only makes things worse, to try to sort out The Future on your own or in a tiny nuclear family unit. Having people around you is a source of joy, purpose, and resilience.