Class Descriptions

All these are geared to non-corporate-compliant folks of all genders and class backgrounds.

Calm That ACK! – A crash course In Dealing With $$$, Debt & Capitalism. For those who don’t have a handle & are ready to get a grip — register link

Fearless Money Management — a sharp, extended money management 101 class from a feminist and intersectional perspective. You’ll get strategies for debt, savings, budgeting, goal-setting, taxes, investing & your money feelings — more info and upcoming classes here.

Sharing Money with Couples, Besties & Roommates: Sharing life costs and making life plans with friends and lovers can be complex and can bring up feelings and highlight differences. Learn about how to work together to make your plans equitable and awesome. — class info here.

Small Biz, Big Heart: Freelancer Finances – For those times when your freelancer/self-employed/small-biz game doesn’t feel as fresh as you are. Tracking, taxes & more — info here.

Kicking Assets: Savvy Strategies for When You Have Money – You’re not broke…Now what?! A meetup group about saving, investing, credit game and 5-, 10-, and 15-year plans. Learn More here.


Lets Talk About Money Workshops – more info here.

Coaching & Strategy

I offer one-off and multi-session strategizing packages for folks who are seeking to make sustainable transition plans for budgets, new careers, and other long-term financial changes — more info here.



Fearless Money Management — If you want tools and strategies you can use IMMEDIATELY, and a non-judgmental, positive, welcoming place to talk about ANY financial experiences, Fearless Money Management is designed for YOU! Register for live classes here, and online classes are online at LetsTalkAboutMoney, my other project.

This is a 2.5 hour class, and you’ll leave the class with:

  • A 14-page workbook FULL of tricks, action steps, and clearly explained personal finance information.
  • A customized action plan to work on your financial ACK!, based on your goals and priorities.
  • Higher confidence, vision, and energy to achieve peace of mind – at any income level.

You also get access to:

  • resources to use, tips & tricks to life hack and manage your resources
  • an “accountabilibuddy” from class with whom to discuss and follow up on your plans [optional but people find this very helpful]
  • an email list to chat about your ACK! moments [participation optional of course!]

Calm That ACK! is a one-hour Crash Course In Dealing With $$$, Debt & Capitalism. From student loan hacks, the exact way you deal with past due calls, an explanation of bankruptcy and more this class is JAMMED with easy-to-follow mega tricks. — register here.

Freelancer Finances is a 2 hour class for anyone who makes money that doesn’t come with a W2. Freelancers, nannies, therapists, hustlers, artists, small biz owners, Etsy sellers, you know who you are and how your money is flying around.

  • We go over:
  • Receipts, write-offs, schedule-Cs
  • Tools and practices for income tracking
  • Setting up your business EIN, bank account, & smart business structure with a focus on self-employed sole proprietors, partnerships & LLCs. (Corporations, you need an accountant & a lawyer.)
  • All that precious stuff which means you never wake up at night fearing the IRS. ; )

For those times when your freelance game doesn’t feel as fresh as you are? Yeeeah.


Kicking Assets: is LIVE NOW – RSVP HERE! It’s geared towards people who have income [of some sort, doesn’t need to be “middle-class” or 9-5] and who are interested in saving and strategizing with their income in a space that holds intersectional values at it’s core. You’re not broke…Now what?! A 201 class about saving, investing, credit game and 5-year plans.

You’ll leave Kicking Assets with:

  • a 1-to-10-year action plan to work on your financial health
  • Resources to use
  • an “accountabilibuddy” from class with whom to discuss and follow up on your plans [optional but helpful!]
  • Motivation and inspiration to create yourself a future.
  • Savvy Strategies for When You Have Money.


Let’s Talk About Money workshop series

You know what people seem to struggle with? Talking about money — as in, having real talk about it.

In Lets Talk About Money, we have two hour long cross-class conversations about money as related to specific topics, customized for a particular group.

You’ll get strategies for handling your money and your feelings on specific topics. A different topic is presented by a different person each month. The classes are held in Brooklyn, and are facilitated and curated by Hadassah Damien.


  • New School, Hacking Capitalism workshop, January 2017
  • NYU | Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Young People’s Money, Nov. 2016
  • AVODAH Corps, Young People’s Money, April 2016
  • Personal Class, Couples’ finances, with Bevin Branlandingham, Nov. 2015

Suggest this and we’ll book it!

  • Negotiations
  • Budgeting
  • Investing [TBD]
  • Credit & Debt [TBD]

Let’s Talk About Money y’all.