Calm That ACK! Micro Class

A Crash Course In Dealing With $$$, Debt & Capitalism

For those who don’t have a handle & are ready to get a grip, Calm That ACK! is a one-hour Crash Course In Dealing With $$$, Debt & Capitalism. From student loan hacks, the exact way you deal with past due calls, an explanation of bankruptcy and more this class is JAMMED with easy-to-follow mega tricks.

As a matter of fact, we start with the hardest thing first and work through an exercise designed to help you breathe deep and get your mental space ready to deal. Literally, we will calm your ACK in this class.

This a non-judgmental, positive, welcoming place to talk about ANY financial experiences for folks across class backgrounds.

This class is FREAKIN AWESOME. People let me know they pay off their credit cards and get their teeth fixed after! But what’s about to be more awesome? Offering Calm That ACK! for an extra-affordable price, so more of yall can get the scoop. This course is $9, in person or FREE online (coming Fall 2016!).

Nov 11, 2016 7:30-8:30pm in Brooklyn

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