Small Business Big Heart: Finances for Freelancers

Small Business, Big Heart:Finances for Freelancers is a 2 hour class for anyone who makes money that doesn’t come with a W2. Freelancers, nannies, therapists, hustlers, artists, small biz owners, Etsy sellers, you know who you are and how your money is flying around.


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We go over:

  • Four steps to legitimize your business
  • Receipts, write-offs, schedule-Cs
  • Tools and practices for income tracking
  • Setting up your business EIN, bank account, & smart business structure with a focus on self-employed sole proprietors, partnerships & LLCs. (Corporations, you need an accountant & a lawyer.)
  • For those times when your business plans to pay taxes game doesn’t feel as fresh as you are? Yeeeah. We’ll lay out three clear ways to plan ahead for taxes

This class is geared towards folks who:

  • work multiple jobs,
  • are artists/freelancers,
  • have a side hustle [or three],
  • or don’t have a handle on how the HECK to make sense of their taxes.
  • This class is ideal to take before you visit an accountant — or to decide IF you need to see an accountant [sometimes yes! sometimes no!]

You’ll Leave Class With

Everyone registered will get follow-up info after class, so if for some reason you missed the class, you’ll be sent a video of the class and you’ll get all the information:

  • a private link to the video & the class event page
  • the handout for class
  • A money-tracking spreadsheet for freelancers/multi-job income tracking
  • Four extra follow-up emails with a guideline guaranteed to get you moving forward
  • Extra, customized resources from questions you bring up in class