Fearless Coaching

Ready to transform your skills, capacity, and relationship to money? I’m here.

I work with individuals, couples, and small business owners in one-off sessions or four-to-twelve session packages of strategic, lazer-sharp, compassionate financial coaching.

I honor intersectionality, understand artist, freelancer and DIY priorities, and hold progressive values at the core of my work. If you’re here, I LOVE that you are already thinking ahead, it’s only going to increase your successes!


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Do you want to make sustainable plans for a budget, a large savings goal, or a job transition? Want to work through money with a partner or finances from your family? I am awesome at:

  • strategizing from your current situation,
  • guiding people into timelines,
  • co-creating clear, achieveable strategies

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Thank you so much for the awesome session last night — I have been flying high and talking about it all day. I honestly feel less afraid (not yet quite riding free fearless money) and I can’t wait to put your tools and suggestions to work. I already started! — Emmett F., queer musician & digital storyteller

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