Behind the Budget 3 & 4: $100k/year jobs

Jobs that pay about $100k a year, are they “real”? Yes.

Below are two examples of jobs that pay about $100k. As always, these are amalgamations of workable real budgets I’ve seen people have over the years.

Therapist in private practice

An example of someone making about $103,000/yr in private practice as a therapist. This person expects to work 10-11 months a year, so saves money to pay their PTO when they’re out. They’re contributing to retirement through their work pre-tax, and have a S-corp, so they both run payroll and take draw from their business. They are saving to buy a home, for travel, and for surprises [which life will always bring]. ⁠

Marketing Manager

Here’s an example of a marketing manger who makes $105k, owns a condo and co-parents a kiddo who’s in elementary school.. Shout out to all parents, you have a lot on your plates <3