Level Set: Income Reset Discovery Workshop

What if you knew how much money you needed to cover your needs, fill in gaps, and achieve your goals – what might that help you change?

In this firmly anticapitalist workshop, we’re not going to celebrate hustle, grind, or exploitative jobs. We will however be real and realistic about what “enough” income is, how you’ll know, and why it matters to move towards it – especially if you’ve experienced being marginalized.

You’ll get updated data on life costs and real-life examples of what people earn, practical frameworks to use to sketch out a vision and think about money, and tools to gently confront dread that might come up.

You’ll do a backwards design exercise to walk through your needs, gaps, and goals and leave with a draft roadmap for your financial future and meaningful ideas about creating sustainability. 

You’ll answer questions like: Do you bring in enough money to meet your needs and goals? What might you do with enough money? How can you figure out how much money to aim to bring in?

Not required: math skills, spreadsheet wizardry, or enjoying having to earn wages to survive.

This workshop is given on a sliding scale; if the low end of the scale is prohibitive, please write me for a code to attend.