Ethical Investing Self-guided Workshop

Investing is a way to solve the problems of…

  • Having money when you aren’t working for it -> everything costs more each year - inflation - so in order to maintain the purchasing power of money, you want to invest it where it can earn at least as much as inflation 
  • Having choices -> it’s not right that money enables choices, but it’s true. You deserve the dignity of choice, like we all do.

But ‘investing’ can feel … bad

Many of us want more out of life - and our investments - than “make the most money possible.” 

We want to have money SO we can eat healthily, support our communities and causes,
and have options and choices. We want to support businesses that treat employees fairly, don’t pollute, and which are creating future-forward tech and social innovations. We want away from businesses that fund oil-fueled ecological destruction, human harm, or social injustices. It’s not clear how to accomplish these seemingly at-odds goals.

So, knowing your options and setting YOUR values, vision, priorities and goals can help YOU outline your path forward clearly.

This workshop gives you just that: financial education, a summary of options, and exercises to help you set your vision and path.