Starting a business this year?

Choose self-employment on purpose

Working for yourself is harder than working for someone else. You have to come up with idea, set and meet deadlines or personally bear the brunt if you don’t, and keep track of one.million.things.

That said, it has a slew of benefits too: set your own schedule. Work with people you like. Do things your way. Work everyday for a tired boss – wait NO. 

Considering self-employment? Decide if working for yourself is for you:

Work for yourself if you can be good to yourself, for as long as it serves your goals and you are willing to try to make money so you are sustained. Change if you want to learn something new, try on a different role, or just feel tired of running freaking everything.  

Make a business that suits you – and hop into a workshop or coaching with me to learn what that is and how to do it, if you want support!

If you want help doing this, consider joining my afternoon-long product and service design workshop Design a Better Business, where we do a rapid business model and success criteria analysis, and come up with 1-2 new things to try in your business.