How financial coaching works

I’ve coached over 850 individuals and couples, on personal finance, their small / solo businesses, and on collective projects over the last 7 and a half years. 

The questions to ask need to be both tactical and lofty – what is happening today, and what do you want to happen?

I never set out to be a financial coach BUT once I realized that the way I dissect systems and intersect them with people’s needs relieves pain and helps people achieve their goals, I stuck with it. My methods, tools, and skills have grown deeply over time. These days I coach people primarily in transition: growing a business, earning more money, working with a windfall, creating a new organization. 

Try on some questions, below, and see what they help you learn – the task next is to take an action. What do these questions bring up for you?

I am taking new personal, couple, and business coaching clients, but only have a few openings a week. I also have a group workshop that runs every 2 months – next one in August – and I’m currently experimenting with a group business workshop.