Hello, world! 2022 edition

Friends, it’s been a minute since I’ve given a hello and update!

I’m Hadassah Damien, and I use she+they pronouns.

I am an artist, old punk, business owner – I do design strategy consulting – a queer femme + so ofc an activist, and a reluctant technologist due to my curse of tech not automagically working for me but me making stuff work anyway.

I am fascinated by money since I grew up without enough of it for food, and for stuff. I started thrifting cuz we had to but now I thrift because you get better stuff AND save money and the planet. 

I see money cause collateral damage to people and planet … while also being the way to resource solutions. It’s an enigma that is also super practical, which I like. Money is also considered lowbrow and taboo which makes it more fun to talk about than everyday things.

Design strategy – what is that? I spend most of my time leading groups of people to ask new questions, getting to the heart of the most important things to do, try and learn from.

Otherwise, here in Ride Free Fearless Money land I teach you good people how to think about money differently, strategically, and in line with your values – so you can do practical stuff like spending more ethically and working jobs that pay enough to reach your goals. 

I also newly garden, and am renovating a shed into a tiny house studio.