Break your bad money thinking

If you’ve ever wondered literally how thoughts can change your money reality, this video is for you. And not in some trifling “think it and it’s true” quasi woo, but in a practical af think it SO YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR FREAKING APPROACH ALREADY way.

Below, I talk about exactly the moment my thinking about money-and-me changed, and how it majorly got me to revise:

  1. my mental approach. I went from “I suck at this crappy thing o’ money” to “I wonder how I can learn more about how this money stuff works”
  2. what I was trying. I started trying things out, not always being successful, but learning a LOT that lead me to be more successful, which lead to more experiments, which eventually lead to learning and more success.
  3. what I was thinking I was capable of. Instead of going for lil jobs and gigs, I went for medium size ones. One step at a time…
  4. who I thought I could help. Five years ago, I wasn’t sure if I could even sustain myself. Now, you good people are out there saving money and paying off debt and achieving goals LIKE WHOA, and I’m buying fancy cheese without a worry and giving money where it matters to me #cuzchangingdoesntchangeyou.

Watch or listen to my full how-to here:

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Create a healthy relationship to money and own your power to change for good with this book of exercises, stories, and insights into how money systems and mindsets work.

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  • You’ll learn how to understand the difference between perceived constraints and systematic ones
  • You will clarify your personal mental model around money to understand exactly what is underneath your thinking and where it came from
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  • You’ll practice reframing your money assumptions and beliefs

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