Divest/Invest Day 4: Liberatory practices and self care around money

For the fourth day of our Divest/Invest series, I got a chance to hop on the phone for a live radio interview with Sarah Falkner and Lauren Giambrone of Roots, Runners and Rhizomes: Health and Healing from the Underground.

We talked about how having your own small business can be liberatory, as it asks you to think about money in new ways, trauma-informed practices and self-care with money, and how wellness practitioners have specific challenges when it comes to charging and receiving money for their work. Listen here:

Interview on Roots, Runners, Rhizomes, Nov 2017.

On “financial health and the crucial urgency of stable lives for radicals and progressives especially at the end of capitalism.”

Money, Possibility, and Imagining our Future

For a summary of what we discussed, you might want to check out my article published on The Wild Word, on intersectionally-informed money mindsets:

Truth: no one can just think themselves free from institutional constraints like sexism, racism, redlining, generational poverty, social injustice, or labor exploitation. Media narratives lie.

But here’s an important fact: constraints are not the whole picture. We don’t live in a wholly deterministic world. We do have some power to nudge our lives in this direction or that. We are agents for our future selves. Our beliefs inform the strategies we’re even willing to entertain. As a matter of fact, it was only when I did some belief-shifting for myself that I was able to figure out the steps I needed to take to go from economically precarious to stable. That’s a mindset shift grounded in reality.

Each day through Sunday Dec 3, I’ll share a live video or interview on fb and my blog for you to learn ways to use your money that are smart, strategic, and matter.

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