Learn Business Finances in Under Three Minutes

Since I teach classes and do coaching for women & LGBTQ people, I often guide brave & creative artists, punk weirdos, and freelancers on their journey to handling money fearlessly amidst doing business. I know you didn’t think you were signing up for this part, but guess what?

Diva is Hustler says: Never fear. Here is a video detailing four steps to running your business finances + two bonus pro tips.

TL;DR Summary:

TOSS = Take Our Selves Seriously

Four Steps + Two Bonuses
1. Get an EIN & register your business in your state
2. Open business bank accounts: checking and savings
3. Set up some kind of income/expense tracking
4. Plan ahead for taxes & expenses
5. Get a credit card for your biz & improve your personal credit
6. Open a Solo or SEP IRA and save for retirement

You can read more about the four steps here, learn about freelancer income tracking here, or sign up for a Freelancer Special class: the next ones are listed online here.

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