Things To Try Until the Abundance Visualization Kicks In (with money)

Listen my dearest visualizers, money-candle burners, and affirmation-readers: I’m not gonna throw shade on how you make it thru yr day. There are almost as many good strategies for survival as there are people.

But…say you’ve been doing your affirmations and visualization and…

You’re still feeling stuck. Telling yourself you’re broke. Getting stressed. And the checks ain’t rolling in yet.

I feel you, I really do. Before I committed to TOSS* and handling my none-too-abundant resources like I was in charge, it was a constant worry. It sucked my energy. It distracted my focus.

I had to say: “Oh no! I’m gonna commit to a life that’s not energetically in service to economics! I’m gonna make space for abundance by doing my work and moving forward.”

I get in and deal with my money regularly so I can get out and put my heart into other things. That, friends, is the true diva hustle.

Seeing yourself relaxing on this French 19th century chaise lounge? Anonymous illustration from The Metropolitan’s public domain collection, (via The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, 1949.)

A few jestful ideas, in the style of any positive thinking you might be trying:

  1. Light candles, get in the bath, and make a budget. At your next bath, see how you’re doing by reviewing your budget. Make it relaxing and self care!
  2. Put money in a bowl on your altar and do not freakin spend it. Hey! you have savings!
  3. Level up with (auto)magical technology: Open an automatic savings plan account and name the account after your favorite tarot card, or after the thing you want most. Later, spend that money only on that thing, or only after the 5th time you draw that card. Power up visualization!
  4. Let your creativity lead the way! Take your buds or babe out for a low-cost night on the town.
  5. Make a collage or use your fav sparkle pen to write down your three biggest dreams (that need money). Then write down exactly how much you think they’ll cost, then divide that number by 12 to see if you can save for it in a year. Nope? Try 24 for two years. Not there? 36 for three years…

The point? Let the goddess do her work, and do your part.

Bonus points: …and then fight like heck to change the system because you’re not the only one doing abundance affirmations and hoping for a better outcome.

For those of you thinking, Gee Thanks For The Semi-Snark (it was in good fun, I too visualize!) here’s my personal money self-care power blend.

Things I do weekly…

  • Make sure I have cash with me so I’m not tempted to get my card out. (Did u know ppl spend cash different than cards?)
  • Check my bank account to make sure nothing kooky happened
  • Look at monthly budget and check what I’ve spent and what I have left. That’s right. I’m never unclear on what’s happening – even if it doesn’t match my vision board.
  • Get my weekly cash out. Yup. I don’t accidentally overspend cuz I put $100/week in my wallet and that is it. (Also I quit drinking and now I feel rich.)


And Quarterly:

  • Put money aside for biz taxes
  • Put money into a SEP IRA
  • Review my year plan (this covers my art, projects, travel and career) and see if I’m on track.

So this is where you come in: visualize a specific action, then act on it. And yes, you’re still allowed to burn a money candle anytime you want.

Perhaps what you still need is a hustle boost?

I give classes online, and offer limited one on one coaching.

*TOSS = Taking Our Selves/S#*t Seriously