There’s always an annual push to donate money at the end of the year. Why? In theory, that’s because you have a decent sense of how much money you’re ending the year with* and you perhaps have experienced your own recent windfalls in the forms of year-end gifts or bonuses and are feeling flush.

I have one recommendation for you: if your finances are not squeaky clean, put the oxygen mask on yourself first – attend to at least one of your financial areas of housekeeping before you click give.

Why do I say this?

  1. You need to be certain you have that money to give; and, hey – you might have more than you think.
  2. If you give yourself financial clarity, you make it easy to plan with your money. For example when you’re looking at a larger bucket you could decide to divvy 50/50: $100 for you, $100 for me, et al.
  3. Giving money can make you feel great – it’s an important boost for organizations which matter to you, and it’s a reward you give yourself. Enjoy the benefits of having planned and deciding you have enough to take care of business and share the wealth.

Real talk: if you believe organizations you care about are worth your money today, but your future wellness is not, ask yourself why.

Do you have a future expectation that makes this decision viable? If not, are you willing to articulate and write down one goal you have? Then, are you willing to commit the amount you donate this month to your favorite organization towards yourself each month the rest of the year?

You don’t have to be rich to make worthwhile contributions to the economic well being of local and global organizations. And, you don’t have to be rich to decide that you’re worth taking care of, too. Classes start up in January y’all! Jan 6 starts the next online class and Jan 16 is the next in-person.

Both donations and your TCB plan are important for different reasons, and trust that the organizations you care about are well served when people who donate are able to do so in multiple years.

I love to share tips and tricks on how it is possible to save money, get out of debt, clean up credit, and be stoked about it. In addition to your questions, if you have any extra tips or tricks, feel free to send them along, too.

*ps If you don’t know… try a budget!

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