Are you a CPA, a CFP, or a lawyer?

Nope. If you need tax advice, talk to an accountant (TTAA), if you need legal advice talk to a lawyer, and if you want someone to invest your money on your behalf talk to a CFP.

However, you often want information before you reach out to these people. You need to know if and when you need to TTAA. You need to know what the heck a CFP is. You don’t need to pay someone $300/hour to listen carefully to where you are and make action steps with you — that’s what I’m here for.

I’m too broke for coaching but I need more help!

Trust, I understand. You can take my class or ask me a question. You can sign up for one of the small biz classes the NYPL can direct you to. You can get free financial counseling at the NYC Financial Empowerment Centers. You can book shorter consulting appointments with professionals. You can check out the resources.

How do I know where I fall on the fee scale?

Well, it’s based on whether you are a person with low-, mid, or high-range access to money. Some guidelines are here.

You can ride free my dears… Money may be limited, and we all may live in a system designed to make things hard as gel nails — but you are not stuck and you, well you might be just as tough as nails too!