Calm that Ack Budgeting Course

Ready to know how to control your finances, hook up the savings, and reduce your $$$ stress? Come and Calm That ACK in this e-course that uses video, templates, and written guides to help you!

For those who are ready to get a grip, Calm That ACK! is a two-hour+ self-guided course in dealing with money, setting goals you care about & factoring in debt — you’ll get excited to unf*ck your budget and freakin’ save while you manage lots of priorities.

From a literal walk through on how to make a spending plan, to punk pep-talk frameworks, to loan hacks, a explanation of long term planning and more this class is JAMMED with easy-to-follow mega tricks via bite-size videos and handouts.

As a matter of fact, we start with the hardest thing first: an exercise designed to help you breathe deep and get your mental space ready to deal. Literally, we will calm your ACK in this class.

This a non-judgmental, positive, welcoming place to bring ANY financial experiences for folks across class backgrounds.

$49 // Click here to enroll and instantly calm your ACK!

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