Yuletide solstice edition, fireside chat from my trove of lesbian wisdom

Hi there everyone! As you may know, I’m a financial strategist for progressive organizations and people – and I’m also a lesbian from a working-class family who escape artist-ed my way into an urban professional and creative life — but just like you, my cultures and communities are always with me, no matter where I go.

From these, I wanted to give you an few end of year ideas, but, like

fireside, from my trove of lesbian wisdom…

Watch the whole video here:

In short, I invite you to consider a few questions here at the yuletide / solstice:

  • How did you repurpose, borrow or share resources to reduce your consumer spend this year?
  • How did you grow and expand in the last year (even if it was hard)?
  • What did you give and get? What do you still want to give?
  • How did you track what you did — and what you want to change for next year?
  • And most importantly — how will you practically approach building more pleasure into your life?

Frothing up your holiday beverage and filled with an urgent desire to get solid on your end of year plans?

Easy peasy pals, check out this end of year checklist, with three steps each for partners, small businesses, and invidiuals to make sure you’ve done your best for yourself before the clock clicks over to the next decade!

Finally, a special hello and THANK YOU to folks from all the organizations, businesses, partners, individuals, and personal finance world folks I got to meet and work with this year — I loved meeting and working with all of you! It made me this happy!