If you run your own business full-time or side-hustle (or are trying to get ready to start!) these solutions will help you flex your biz muscles, plan your income, track money to plan for profit and taxes — and manage your freelance money with less stress!

$189 // Click here to access the e-course instantly

If you don’t know how to track your business money, how much you REALLY make, or how to make that money work well for YOU, this course is going to help.

You’ll learn:

  • Four steps to legitimize your solo business, and that business income!
  • How to professionally handle receipts, plan for tax write-offs, and understand the illustrious Schedule-C ta reporting form.
  • NEW! A step-by-step process to decide exactly how much to charge so you can earn what you want to
  • Multiple tools and practices for income tracking: including an income calculator spreadsheet template so you know how much money to plan for taxes, and how much you can pay yourself.
  • Why and when to set up a business EIN, bank account, & smart business structure
  • For those times when your business plans to pay taxes game doesn’t feel as fresh as you are? Yeeeah. We’ll lay out three clear ways to plan ahead for taxes

$189 // Click here to access the e-course instantly

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