Virgo season got you feeling productive and practical about money?

You’re in good company, and this is a GREAT time to flex your financial organization abilities.

Here are the exact money-fixing steps I ask clients to go through, and they’re a classic method for increasing awareness and intentionality:

  1. Take a look at your cash flow – literally go peep your bank and card accounts.
  2. List what’s going in and out, and add it up. What do you learn?
  3. Apply a mental model to your spending: any model adds organization and an element you’re in control of.
  4. Come up with at least one money goal and start putting money towards it: debt payoff or automated savings is especially effective now.
  5. Put all this information somewhere you can see it and refer to it later, so you can go see if you’re following your plan.

I’ve got a trick for #3 above, since coming up with a mental model can be hard – but it doesn’t need to be. The point is to simplify wherever possible! That’s why understanding your money in four numbers is key.  

Learn how to get your four numbers that make it way the heck easier to organize your money!

Grab this guide to coming up with a spending plan that makes sense for you, because now is the time to start.