How much avocado toast buys a house?

Many of us saw that article. The one about millennials not buying houses because of “wasteful spending on avocado toast.” We all know that’s ridiculous – and I began to wonder exactly HOW ridiculous? How MUCH avocado toast would buy a home?

Literally how big a stack of fancy brunch would get us a down payment? So, as your local money nerd, I ran some numbers. Read on, and enjoy the infographic.

Here’s a few givens:

  • The avocado toast costs $15 and you have tax + tip making it a $20 snack.
  • Each toast (you get two) is 2 inches tall, so each $20 order is 4 inches tall.
  • We assume a minimum needed down payment is around $20,000, and calculate a few down payments higher than that.

Seriously even typing this out is ridiculous. BUT! I bring you to a happy ending so….


I really love snacks. What else I love? MAKING HARD THINGS EASY.

Let’s get REAL about down payments for a moment:

You’d need to save $20/day — every day — for the following amount of time, to get down-payment levels of money:

  • Three years = $22,000, and the toast you miss out on would be as tall as the tallest hill in Potrero Hill.
  • Five and 1/2 years = $40,000, and the toast you miss out on would be taller that the Space Needle.
  • Eight years + = $60,000, and the toast you miss out on would be a smidge shorter than the Chrysler Building.

Short story: maybe you CAN save a down payment.

And the brunch you’re eating is fine, by the way.


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