Book clients? Try these

For those of you who run small businesses where people need to book things: private yoga, tarot, massage, coaching… you (and I) know how hard email back-and-forth is.

You might find that setting up an automated process for people to book their sessions helps ease both your lives *and* increase your bookings.

You’ll want to pick a system that integrates with your (and their) calendar and takes payments, in my opinion, since that makes it one-stop-booking for your clients, and takes the follow-up off your to-do list.

Check out these options:

Each platform listed above all have different +/- points, so I can’t say exactly which one you’d pick BUT, after digging thru a LOT of internet cruft these all seem like solid choices.screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-1-55-20-am
Here’s what the Acuity calendar interface looks like — you can set up times you’re always available, put in if you’re going to be away, and – my fave – if you link your calendar and book something social during a regular work availability time, it automatically blocks you out. No double booking!!