I never ____________ and now I’m stressed…

Part of our Ask A Diva Hustler series…

Q: I never ____________ and now I’m stressed…

A: Hey – if your concern is about something you feel that you should be doing, that you’re currently trash-talking ol’ Self Of The Past for not doing, you probably don’t need me or anyone else assisting in the guilt trip.

What I can do is Reality Check you:

Would it have been smart of you to start saving for grad school, a house, and retirement at 18 … or 25 … or 35, or whatever age you’re past? Yes that would have been highly strategic.

It also would have been smart of you to get a scholarship, inherit a trust fund, get an MBA, or to just marry rich – but those all perhaps didn’t happen either.*

I’m going to give you some sage advice about timing, which someone shared in a recent online Calm Your Ack class:

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

The second best time is today.

The f*&k does that mean? I’m lookin at this 0.87 check like WTF is happening and you’re talking about a tree?1024px-Sweet_success

Chill. Here’s why that quote is dope:

  1. It’s smart
  2. It’s true
  3. It lets you off the hook for not being able to go back in time and change the past [a skill no money can buy so whatever, even playing field on this one y’all]


*And, if they did that still wouldn’t guarantee you had enough money, no worry or low stress.

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