Thank you!

Thank you for your donation to Ride Free Fearless Money Management!

The day I launched this class, someone walked up to me in my favorite cafe and said, “Hey I heard about your class, that’s really cool.” … and after talking about it a bit they asked for my paypal and sent me money, “for the class common hustlers” to take the class without having to have money at hand.

I was in gratitude shock that day — even thinking about it now I’m in disbelief. But that showed me that this work has value.

As I try to make this financially sustainable to do, as well as financially accessible, it’s nothing short of life-changing to get donations.

As I work towards sharing information that’s helping people, donations are — at the moment — a crucial element. Thank you again – your generosity is one link in the chain that we’ll all hang on to, to pull ourselves and each other up together.