Partners and Money Course

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I believe the key to positively being in relationship with OTHERS about money is:
1) self-knowledge and ways to show up to conversations that may be challenging or just plain complex
2) a practice of talking about things that lets you be be real, honest, and stay on the same page
3) explicit plans and agreements, even when the plan is “we need to learn how to make our plan”

The Partners Make Peace and Plans with Money Toolkit for Money in a Relationship will help you:
– feel that talking about money with your partner(s), roommates or close friends is productive
– learn to be resilient, share money hacks, and plan to get awesome things together
– make equity-informed plans and decisions with others

$159 // Click here to access the guide and toolkit!

This online toolkit provides a massive level of support and guidance, including:

  • Warm-up self reflection materials
  • Agendas for five meetings, including prep work, guided conversation starters, and next steps
  • Six worksheets covering an equity assessment, setting shared budgets, calculating how long/how much a big savings goal needs to get to
  • Five readings including: conversation agreements, discussion prompts, a HELP This Is Hard guide, Tools to Use, a Stories section
  • Videos to underscore your learning
  • Ways to talk about class, resources, and expectations that are respectful for everyone
  • Design instructions to create peaceful and actionable plans around money
  • Video instruction, including a workshop, four meeting prep modules, and a live partner dialogue example
  • Several calculators for you and your people to easily crunch numbers together
  • A five-step meeting guide with agendas, prep work, and homework prompts
  • A 30-page self-reflection and conversation guide with starters and helpful questions
  • An equity-based budgeting worksheet for people with very different resources
  • BONUS: A legal agreements worksheet and podcast
  • Helper materials on accounts, insurance, navigating tough conversations and more!
  • And more!

$159 // Click here to access the complete guide and toolkit and start today!

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