Artists & Creatives Money Skills

As a writer and performer, my years running a theatre tour taught me a LOT about the importance of keeping tabs on the money: Could we put gas in the van? How much could I pay the artists each show? Could we pay to get merch made?

These practical considerations mean a lot when you’re trying to keep a creative project afloat — whether you work in a crew or solo.

That’s why I made this course: to help other creatives understand and make informed decisions about the money aspect of their work.

This one-hour class + handouts + exercises is created to give you a basic, crucial grounding in the practical aspects of being “in business” as a creative, artist, cultural worker, etc.

This course contains a one-hour video workshop and related exercises for you.

The video lecture covers:

1) What is a small business – as an artist, am I one?

2) Making the Money: reality of freelance

debrief / exercise

3) Four steps to legitimize your freelance and track the money

4) Managing the pieces: contracts, automation, planning

…and of course, there’s homework and more readings to help you recall, apply, and extend the work.

No one is going to support the sustainability of your practice more than you.

Thats just a fact. Your job now is to get started learning how to be awesome, informed, and on it. In this course you’ll learn and create more possibility and focus in the business aspects of your creative work!

Here’s to your success – start by signing up below!