Hacking Capitalism Guides

Need more motivation to get your finances sorted? Get into #hackingcapitalism!

~~E-book coming soon!~~

What is #hackingcapitalism?

In Hacking Capitalism, we take the concept of workaround from hacking, and anti-capitalist values to motivate and instruct us on how to move past freezing and fear into positive action around money.  We talk about money. We talk about class. We get strategic, intersectional, and give banks less money and each other more.


  • Free mini-course & resource sheet on Divesting and Diverting money from Big Banks [start here]
  • Debt Hacks: Online video class [find it here]

What’s in the Users Guide eBook? Hacking Capitalism includes:

  • Crucial tips in a set of 101 skills that will help you find your way around some of the nastier blockades that come up for most people: self-sabotage, getting started, and getting your first emergency fund saved.
  • 201 skills for navigating student loan debt, consumer debt, creditors, and building credit.
  • Then, learn some 301 hacks about generating savings and assets and escaping living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Next: 401 skills about starting a business, creating economic options, and other related graduate-level hacks where you use leverage to get money.
  • Finally, tools to share money: giving plans, sliding scale, and redistribution options.
  • BONUS resources on Divesting and Diverting: putting money in places we MIGHT EVEN ACTUALLY LIKE, because who doesn’t want to spend less time sifting on the internet? Use these, get real about what banks do with your money, and keep on living.
  • Finally, closing thoughts and inspiration because guess what? It’s not you — it’s capitalism, and the intersectional oppressions linked into it.


Why #hackingcapitalism?

Navigating social and economic systems that create the complex and often unfriendly world of finance, credit, and debt often equals finding your way around impediments.

Given the toxic nature of these interactions, it can seem temporarily better to avoid dealing with personal finance — but as those of us who’ve avoided know, it catches up with you.

Dealing with the guilt of choices that don’t match our ethics (banking with Wells Fargo? Citibank?…) or fallout from personal economic hardship (behind on debt, bad credit) takes energy from our lives – energy which could be used MUCH better in movements, activism, creative pursuits, or just leisure.

You don’t have to like “the system” to navigate it well! As a matter of fact, those of us who are not “insiders” of systems are often great at navigating them — we’ve had to figure out how, which is an advantage.

Join me in person or online for a free, online bimonthly meetup! Recent events include:

  • Jan 2017 — The New School, Brooklyn Public Library, Action Item Fair,
  • March 2017 — Divesting from Banks & The History of Banking, hosted by BANKERS, an ad-hoc group of activists looking to turn the ball and chain of consumerism, now being used to keep us down, into our best weapon against the oligarchy.
  • April 2017 — Action Item Fair II
  • May 11, 2017 — Hacking Capitalism: More ethical money management workshop