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Hey, I'm Hadassah Damien and I'm the babe behind Ride Free Fearless Money!
I'm a nerd, artist, writer, technologist and someone who's managed to unf&@k her relationship to money by learning ALL about it. I also am pretty skeptical about the ethics and sustainability of late-stage capitalism (or any stage of it, really) and love learning and teaching about ways people can be resilient and brilliant while within it.
Ride Free Fearless Money is a project I started in 2015, and I've been able to work with, help, and meet so many good people who want progressive approaches to using money. If you're one, I'd love if you got on my mailing list - and feel free to send me a note, too!
Money Hacks Back: Learn how weirdos, artists, freelancers and the rest of us can save money, get out of debt and have a financial future!
#HackingCapitalism is a series I've been writing full of tips, tricks, interviews, and ways to be smarter about using money.
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Money is just a proxy
Once you understand that "money" stands in for important things (like surviving, caring for ourselves and others, things we want and need) you end up in a great place to use it STRATEGICALLY.
I'm celebrating the one-year anniversary of the first version of my course Calm That ACK! that's helped hundreds of folks approach their money from a place of choice and strategy. Since then, I've added modules, templates, and tools to make it AWESOMELY HELPFUL - check it out!
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