Group Coaching Programs

I’m Not Broke — Now What?

After you’ve begun to budget, are earning ok (or abundant!) income, and are looking towards the future financially, now what do you do to take care of yourself financially?

In this three-session group coaching program, you’ll learn skills, options, and how to make a meaningful money plan covering five areas: 

  • How to make and plan for multi-year goals
  • Investing/retirement, including if socially responsible options are right for you
  • Planning around debt payoff
  • Buying a house (or not)
  • Donations and giving

Learn YOUR answer to the question: I’m not broke — now what? in three sessions of remote coaching with a focused small group. 

You’ll get prep and interstitial work + an online library, templates & tools!

The next session of this coaching cohort meets three times, remotely via zoom video calls, on: 1/19, 2/2, 3/1 and is only $295. Sign up here today!

Small Business Startup Camp

Learn your answers to: 

  • What kind of business am I and does it need to be “official?”
  • A business model that allows you to be financially sustainable
  • What’s a business plan and do I need one?
  • How you’ll prepare for and track money so your taxes are easier to do (even if you’re paying an accountant, you need to be organized!)

The next session of this cohort starts in Feb 2020 — signup coming soon!