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“I never thought that discussing money could be so fun, and I left the class feeling a new sense of hope and possibility.”

“That really was one of the most valuable and empowering 1.5 hours spent for me, ever!”

Get your money handling, hustle-busting, capitalism hacking, spending wrangling, financial fearlessness on!

Upcoming remote, live workshops:

SEPTEMBER 13 OR OCT 15 @ 7:30p ET – remote workshop

In this 90-minute remote workshop, you will:

  • Understand the biggest surprise expenses and how to be ready for them
  • Become better prepared (credit, income) to apply for a mortgage
  • Overview the timeline, team, and tasks you’ll need to buy 
  • Estimate your true cost to buy a home

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to know what it really takes, financially, to buy a home
  • You are imagining you will buy in the next year or two
  • You already have savings
  • Are planning on using a mortgage
  • Have any kind of friends / collectives / land project in mind

We don’t cover:

  • How to make your house look ig-worthy (I just can’t help you)
  • House hunting or search tips (get your realtor on that one)
  • Savings or income plans to get a down payment together (important! but another topic)

This workshop pilots Sunday 9/13 and Thursday 10/15 at 7:30p ET, 4:30p PT for $35. Sign Up here!

Lots of time for Q&A and exercises so YOU understand your actual costs to expect. Workshop comes with a written guide, cost calculator template, & recording afterwards! If you want a learning warm up – read this MEGA post on buying.


October, 2020 // Quarterly community meet-up and group coaching in a live video call with Quarters Club

Upcoming live workshops:

*none at this time – happy pandemic, y’all!*

RESCHEDULED // Socially Responsible Investing workshop, 2020 @ the Financial Freedom Summit // RSVP at an early bird price here

Online courses:

No need to wait for a workshop … Online courses are here!

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