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Kicking Assets Hacks Lab is for rad babes who get it.

It’s accountability, tools, and having the best people around you.

Kicking Assets Hacks Lab is a monthly meeting and ongoing conversation, support, and learning group for those of us who aren’t broke — and find ourselves asking “Now what!?”

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  • and some really smart rad folks to learn with and bounce ideas off

The KICKING ASSETS HACKS LAB monthly mastery group calls have:

  • really sharp discussions: on defining what’s “enough,”  on ways we’re thinking about making money, how we understand our decisions in terms of money informing them or not & more.
  • really useful live explanations: on how to get a mortgage to buy a house, what the heckity hull is in investments and literally how to invest, and on types and timing for setting up charitable giving plans & more.

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