We Charity Agreement: What you need to know

In July 2020, the Canadian government announced a $912 million agreement with We Charity (now known as WE), a non-profit organization, to manage a student grant program called the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG). However, the agreement was abruptly cancelled amid controversy and questions surrounding the charity`s ties to the Trudeau family and the organization`s political activities.

Here`s what you need to know about the We Charity Agreement:

The Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG):

The CSSG was designed to help students impacted by COVID-19 by providing them with financial assistance for volunteering in their communities. The grant would have paid students up to $5,000 for their volunteer work. However, the program was cancelled before it was launched, and the government has said it will now administer a similar program itself.

The We Charity Agreement:

The government awarded the CSSG contract to We Charity in June 2020. The agreement would have seen We Charity manage the program and distribute the funds to eligible students. However, the contract was cancelled in July after concerns were raised about the charity`s political connections and its ability to manage the program.


The We Charity Agreement has faced intense scrutiny, with critics questioning the charity`s ties to the Trudeau family and its ability to manage a $912 million program. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau both apologized for not recusing themselves from Cabinet discussions surrounding the agreement, as both have close ties to the charity. The controversy has also raised questions about the government`s procurement process and its relationship with non-profit organizations.

Next Steps:

The government has said it will administer a new program similar to the CSSG, but it has not yet provided details on what that program will look like. The controversy surrounding the We Charity Agreement has raised concerns about transparency and accountability in government decision-making, particularly when it comes to contracts with non-profit organizations.

In conclusion, the We Charity Agreement has been mired in controversy and questions since it was first announced. Although the program it was designed to manage has been cancelled, the fallout from the controversy will continue to be felt as the government works to restore public trust in its decision-making processes.