Our workers` compensation lawyers have a thorough understanding of the laws surrounding employee compensation cases and have the knowledge to help you achieve a positive outcome with your case. The lawyers at Erwin, McCane & Daly offer a free initial consultation where we provide an impartial assessment of your case. In New York, in addition to Article 32, there is another type of settlement called the agreement agreement. Agreements occur in cases where you and the insurance company agree on both the extent of your disability and the amount you should receive in compensation benefits. In this case, you and the insurance company sign an agreement confirming the amount you receive, usually weekly. If, after agreeing to a section 32 agreement, you need ongoing treatment for your employees` compensation and the total value of your severance pay is more than $25,000, you will likely need a Medicare set-aside agreement. Your health insurance will allocate a portion of your bill to pay for future medical care related to your injury. Once Medicare is exhausted, it may be available to pay for treatment for the injury, but it won`t cover all of the medical costs related to the injury covered by workers` compensation. Kaplan Lawyers PC`s qualified and experienced workers` compensation lawyers understand the benefits and pitfalls associated with section 32 regulations and can advise you on the best decision for you. With this reward, you will be compensated according to the injured part of the body and the percentage of loss of use. In both cases, the agreements require the consent of a judge. For an agreement, you have a settlement hearing where the judge reviews your settlement to make sure it is fair and reasonable and that you understand the terms of your settlement.

The Disability Guys has been helping injured workers get maximum compensation for decades and have the experience to help you make the best decision based on your situation. Sometimes injured workers suffer very serious injuries that prevent them from returning to work or restricting the use of the injured body part. You can claim a lump sum compensation called a section 32 agreement, which may be a better option for you than weekly benefit payments, which are subject to certain time limits. The Workers` Compensation Board does not accept an applicant`s electronic signature on forms required by the Board because the Board is unable to effectively assess the electronic signature process used by a carrier, medical provider, lawyer or professional representative to ensure that the process complies with the New York Electronic Signatures and Records Act (ESRA) and applicable regulations. Therefore, an applicant`s handwritten signature must be provided if an applicant`s signature is required by law, including forms OC-110a, OC-400, OC-400.1, C-300.5 and C-32.