Commercial Leases: These leases are signed solely for commercial/commercial purposes and are usually concluded between a company or company and an individual. Such leases rarely have a standard format, as the agreement must adapt to the needs of the company being considered for the lease. These are large sums of money and are rarely signed for a short period of time. Registration and stamp duty are rarely neglected. 1 [the reasonable rent fixed may be lower in appropriate cases, but may in no case exceed by more than fifteen per cent the monthly rent on the basis of which the property tax or housing tax was fixed for the building, which was in force two years just before the date of filing of the application, or if the building has not been taxed for property tax or house tax before the aforementioned two-year period; the monthly rent on the basis of which the property tax or housing tax in force just before the date of application was fixed.] (b) Furniture delivered 2 [xxxxxx] by the lessor for use in such a building or cabin or in any part of a building or cabin, but which does not contain a room in a hotel or board, A valid rental agreement must be written on the required stamp document. The required stamp paper can be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Kerala Stamp Act. the relevant part of the stamp law is given under: – I intend to rent my apartment (in Kerala), please find me a suitable lease. In cases where subletting is permitted under the original lease agreement, the subtenant becomes biased if it has notified the lessor of the sublease. The rental agreement or lease is processed on a stamp document. There are 2 types of rental in India, one is a lease that lasts at least 12 months.

This issue is governed by the rent control laws adopted by the Land Government. .